Secure your data with blockchain.

Blockchain allows transparency, security, reliability, and immutability of your data.
Join us now to use our services that run on top of our private blockchain located in Malaysia.

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Benefits of

Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy
Private blockchain allows high speed transactions and you can focus more on the services.
Flexible & Reliable
Flexible & Reliable
The data stored locally in Cyberjaya, Malaysia to serve local needs and be flexible enough to meet custom requirements.
Private & Personal
Private & Personal
Why do we need public blockchain when we can use private one which cost much less, and have a high transactional output? Roadmap

Q1 - 2022

Building Product Certification service for individuals and companies.

Q2 - 2022

Add bulk tokenization of certificates and custom requirements for Product Certification service

Q3 -2022

Build automated infrastructure for node setup

Q4 - 2022

Connecting to Metamask wallet with a blockchain explorer.

Services provided